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Science Photo Library - the world’s leading source of science and medicine images and video

Acquired from scientific and medical experts, acclaimed photographers and renowned institutions, SPL’s content is unrivalled worldwide. Outstanding quality, accuracy and commitment to excellence are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

We inspire creative professionals and deliver engaging content of the highest quality for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors.

Our passionate and enthusiastic team provides an exceptional level of service and strives to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Showcasing the high quality content and contributors at SPL

Science having fun 1:16

Got an idea? We’ve got you covered!

Continuing the conversation 0:56

Over two weeks, twenty-five thousand delegates from 200 countries have attended COP26 in an attempt to ‘get runaway climate change under control’.

A healthcare collection 1:39

We invite you to explore our healthcare collection, shot and created by our in-house team.

Diversity 0:58

The lack of images and videos showing different ethnicities has posed a significant barrier to correct diagnosis and proper treatment, often leading to negative health outcomes.

Absolute Magic 1:41

Founded by Yan Liang, Ph.D. in 2016, Beauty of Science was created to showcase inspiring science content with a strong emphasis on artistic presentation.

Volcanic 1:31

Volcanic eruptions are a fantastic visual display of Earth’s power.







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