Science Photo Library was asked to deliver superior visual content for Rivier University for use on multiple displays. Images and videos would be shown on big and small screens in their new Science and Innovation Center.

SPL was ultimately selected as the content provider because of the breadth and quality of its vast collection.


Display Media


Rivier University

Rivier University’s Vision 2020 strategic plan focused on expanding innovation in the sciences.

Below are some of the images used in their learning expansion.


CMS detector, CERN

Researcher standing in one end of the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector at CERN (the European particle physics laboratory) near Geneva, Switzerland, during maintenance. The CMS detector sits around the large hadron collider (LHC), CERN's highest energy particle accelerator. In July 2012 it was announced that the CMS and ATLAS (a torodial LHC apparatus) experiments at the LHC had detected a Higgs boson particle for the first time.


Cytokine storm

Animation of a cytokine storm, an overactive immune response that can be fatal. Cytokines are inflammatory signalling molecules that are normally released in response to infection. They are released by macrophages (left) and effector T cells (right), types of white blood cell. Cytokine storms can be produced by some common infections, including Covid-19 and influenza viruses and Streptococcus bacteria.

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Nerve bundle

A freeze-fractured section through a bundle of myelinated nerve fibres. Myelin sheaths (yellow) can be seen surrounding the axons (blue). Perineurium (connective tissue, pink) surrounds the nerve bundle while endoneurium divides the individual fibres.

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‘A cornerstone of our project featured the construction of a 36,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Science and Innovation Center that put technology and learning on display. With integrated content from Science Photo Library learning is accessible to students, faculty, and visitors.’

Sky Croswell
Director of Marketing and Communications
Rivier University