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Science Photo Library - the world’s leading source of science and medicine images and video

Acquired from scientific and medical experts, acclaimed photographers and renowned institutions, SPL’s content is unrivalled worldwide. Outstanding quality, accuracy and commitment to excellence are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

We inspire creative professionals and deliver engaging content of the highest quality for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors.

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Showcasing the high quality content and contributors at SPL

Soil 1:39

Our collection brings forth rarely-seen footage of this hidden world: the interplay of plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi, the diverse community of tiny animals that help break down organic matter, and how these interactions create soil suitable for growing our crops.

Human impact 2:39

Human activities are changing the world, and our collection shows why, how and where. Climate change is leading to glacial retreat, wildfires, flooding and drought.

Flooding 1:49

Climate change is making storms more intense, and greater rainfall and changes in land use have made flooding more likely and more destructive.

Space 1:40

We work with leading space artists and visionaries to create a collection rich in science fact and fiction, from astrophysical processes and the mysteries of the cosmos to flights of fancy on Mars, Venus and beyond.

Lost World 2:04

Our extensive collection reveals the amazing history of life on Earth. From the formation of the planet to the earliest life, through the explosion in multicellular life and the colonisation of land, to the time of giant dinosaurs and beyond.

Volcanic 1:31

Volcanic eruptions are a fantastic visual display of Earth’s power. While eruptions are spectacular to watch, they cause disastrous loss of life and property, especially in densely populated regions of the world.

Malaria 1:00

Our collection covers every stage of the life cycle of the malaria pathogen Plasmodium, and its vector the Anopheles mosquito. Efforts to control the devastating spread of malaria range from the latest genetic engineering techniques to the simplest form of protection in rural areas, bed nets.

Sleeping sickness 1:04

Early detection is critical in treating sleeping sickness before the disease progresses to its more severe second stage. Blood and cerebrospinal fluid tests are the benchmark, but are difficult to achieve at scale in rural Africa.

Medical imaging 2:08

Our unrivalled collection of medical scans is built up from the work of doctors, radiographers and medical professionals around the world.

Karl Gaff – A fusion of science and art 1:24

Meet Karl Gaff, the award-winning scientific photographer specialising in microscope art and be mesmerised by the exquisite beauty and intricate patterns of crystals in nature.

Up close and personal 1:02

Have you ever seen the blood flowing through a tadpole’s tail? Chloroplasts moving around within the cells of pondweed?

Exploring Parallel Universes 1:58

Alexander Semenov – an underwater photographer and marine biologist, specialising in invertebrate animals. Based at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, Alex takes his camera below the surface to show us a world we’ve never seen before.






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